HR Advisory

Defining KRA's & Goal Setting

KRA defines the Key Responsibility Areas which follow the job description of an employee. The employee is expected to work according to the KRA documents. Further, the same could be used by employers, managers, and HRs to approach the employees' goals.

We believe the following are a few benefits of defining KRAs in the company.

  • Link each job position to the business strategy
  • Cantered alignment of the organization
  • Setting up unambiguous roles for employees
  • Regular coaching and counselling of the employees
  • Unbiased performance reviews
  • Recruiting employees concerning the organizational requirements¬†

Once the KRA is defined, we help you to determine the goals of your employees. For example, one of the sales executive goals would be to create and implement strategies and plans for lead generation. At Samarth HR, we develop goals for all the organization employees to keep them focused on their performance.