About company

We Nurture New Ways of Growing in the Competitive Market

With advanced solutions, we help you to make a difference within and outside the organization. From onboarding solutions to HR advisory, we provide all to enhance your market growth. Our clients and team members aspire to work more every day. We are always ready to work on new projects because we believe experience to be our best teacher.

Samarth HR Provides Wide-Ranging Solutions to Promote Company Growth

  • Employee Onboarding Solutions would accommodate all your recruitment requirements before and after hiring a candidate. We serve your demands without stress or hassle, from conducting a psychological assessment procedure to delivering computer-based training practices for suitable candidates.
  • Whether you aspire to hire fresh candidates or CEO, COO, etc. executive-level candidates, we find the right one for you through the recruitment management system. No longer would it help if you looked over each CV for hiring a suitable candidate because we provide you the updated technology to track all the records.
  • Setting up your company’s goals and objective is our top-most priority. We design your salary structure, enhance your payroll management, and implement retention strategies to promote mutual growth within the organization.
  • We complete all stages of HR advisory to provide you the best experience. It includes designing hierarchy and organizational structure, video training module, KRAs and goal setting, HR policies. Besides internal systems, we maintain statutory compliance and competency mapping. We also provide employee satisfaction through surveys, counselling, engagement, feedback system, and organizational culture and value.